Software failure on Motorola Tetra radios

Motorola Tetra MTH800 bricked

Motorola Tetra MTH800 bricked

Have you tried to programm radio with codeplug from other model ?

Perhaps You were using bad programming cable ?

Laptop battery suddenly died while programming radio ?

And many other unfortunate events might have occured, but result is almost always the same.

Radio is either totally dead, also known as “Brick syndrome” or it does lit display but nothing shows on it.

You are left with very expensive piece of technology laying dormant on your desk, Your options are really limited and even more Grimm if it is radio belonging to customer or company.

What You can do is, send it to Motorola for repair which will cost You arm and a leg so to say and also will take at least 3 weeks to complete whole process.

Another solution is to Ship your radio or radios to me over DHL and have it repaired in 3 working days.

Radios are brought back to life and flashed to version of Firmware You request. Also prices are way lower and affordable.

It is important to mention that above service is available only to customers in EU countries !

Feel free to send inquiries or ask for repair by sending me private message or leaving comment



  1. Hi OM,

    I hope you can help me with some bricked radios.

    Michael PE1MHF

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