Motorola Solutions Scout TETRA Air Interface monitoring and recording software

In order to asses quality and reliability of an Tetra radio Network it is absolutely necessary to test Your  Network before it is launched and of course periodically during its normal operation.

Motorola made it possible to do so by using their Tetra UE handsets in combination with Scout Software,This is by far most affordable and versatile solution.

Of course there are more advanced way of performing Network testing with Expensive Hardware solutions but here we will talk on Motorola Scout only.

So, let’s See what it is about:

Scout is a Motorola Solutions designed application to be used with a Motorola Solutions TETRA radio to monitor and record information that is transmitted/received by the radio through the TETRA Air Interface. Data is collected during a recording session and is stored in log files. Those can be replayed later and the data is displayed in various windows for analysis.

The application is menu driven and has a comprehensive graphical user interface (GUI), displaying the data received by the application during the recording session. Several filtering options can be used to hide unwanted PDUs and provide uncluttered screen presentations.





Display of Serving Cell, Foreground Cells and Adjacent Cells data Radio status

Two Microsoft Access™ type databases for base station and subscriber information. Call status

RSSI and C value of Serving Cell and Adjacent Cells. Calculated MER (Message Erasure Rate)

GPS location, speed, altitude in different formats (UTM, GK, …; km/h, m/ph, …; m, ft). Full decoding of PDUs (TETRA air interface messages).

Data export to various formats (Text, Excel csv, AutoCAD, MapInfo, Google Earth).

Scrolling forward and backward through the loaded file by simply clicking and dragging the timeline of the RSSI / C graph display or scrolling through the list of PDUs.

VoiceNotes marker type audio recording during the test drive to remember occurrences.

Cell reselection simulator to evaluate the impact of network parameters and understand the mechanism of the TETRA cell reselection process

Integrated database editor with import/export Call Generator (Group call only)

‘New File’ button to force manually a new data file (This function is useful if GPS is not available. Cut the drive test data into known segments according to known landmarks).

‘New File and Pause’ button for manual start of a new data file and pause recording until pressed again to continue.(Train RF coverage measurement during normal traffic times cutting stop times off the data)

„Marker‟ button for manual setting upcounting markers into the recorded file.

Quick start record. [CTRL]+Q starts recording immediately. The filename is composed from date and time

One touch record. To continue a stopped recording session simply press and hold the record button for at least one second

Decoding of TETRA location information messages (LRRP, LIP).

Radio info of connected radio (type, serial no., TEI, model no., firmware and codeplug version). Use of TETRA radios internal GPS receiver.

Scout remote control using IP network. Scout command line control

Motorola Scout

Motorola Scout


To see it in Action check Youtube video:

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