Motorola released MR16_a Software pack

This pack contains Firmware upgrade for following models;


MTP8000Ex Series, MTP6000 Series, MTP3000 Series, MTM5000/MTM800FuG Series & ST7000
BSI TEA2 specific:
MTP850 3L, MTP850FuG, MTP830FuG, MTP850Ex, MTP810Ex.

MR16_a Software release operates on the TETRA Terminals listed above

MR16_a Software is introduced alongside the NEW 7.2 version of CPSPlus.


The MR16_a software release also supports two new platforms as follows.



Motorola MTP6650

Motorola Tetra Hand Held radio MTP6650


Motorola ST7000

Motorola Tetra Hand Held radio

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